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“Door of Knowledge” - How to Fix it or Do it!

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      Make Bio-Diesel for 37p a litre - wow! Building a Biodiesel Reactor
        for under £100.00

      Talbot Power Steering Pulley Boss

      Fit replacement Window Caddies

      Auto Sleeper Wiring Diagram

      Fitting repair kit to Headlamp Adjuster

            ..... COMING SOON .....

      Change Cam and Injector Belts for Talbot Express 2.5L Turbo-diesels

      Fit replacement Window Caddies

      Re-condition Window Winder regulators

      Stop the ‘slip’ on Windscreen Wiper arms .... and sort
        the plastic cup bearing

      Fit new CV Boot gaiters

      Get a new lease of life out of CV Joints

      Service Rear Brake

      Get the best from your Gear Linkage

      Get the best from your Starter Motor

      Getting rid of a heavy Clutch

      Best way to change a petrol Exhaust Manifold

      Red Light on the Dashboard? What to do .....

      Why the Manifold to Exhaust Pipe needs to flex

Mike Chubb, October 2012    

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