After market Head Light Adjuster fitting instructions

Easy Job - only DIY skills required. Tools required: 5mm flat-bladed screwdriver, medium Phillips (star) screwdriver, craft knife, electric drill, 6mm drill bit, 10mm combo spanner, 10mm quarter drive ratchet spanner, can wd40 spray or the like, chalk or crayon, cigarette lighter.

Time required to fit adjuster kit should only be around one hour per headlight and the second headlight will be quicker. Drive the vehicle on to flat level ground or roadway with a wall or flat surface 15 meters in front (a garage drive with a nice wide garage door will do). With the headlights on dipped beam, make a horizontal line. You will see the beam go half way across to the left and then angle up at about 20 degrees. Follow this line with your marker (you need this line to adjust the headlights too, later in this Job).

Open bonnet, disconnect headlight and sidelight bulb and also indicator below (as the indicator will come away with the headlight surround trim). Using the Phillips screwdriver you can unscrew the headlight surround. Now remove the headlight - taking care not to drop it as it comes away with a jerk sometimes. Now the top rail that was holding the headlight can be removed with a 10mm socket or spanner. With the top rail removed you can see the fragile plastic socket where the old fitting was. Using a 6mm drill, drill through the plastic and fit a 65mm x 6mm threaded bar through, putting a 6mm flange nut one each side. Do this both sides on the top rail as shown in illustrations. Refit the top headlight rail.

On the headlight, fit the adjuster with the tapper or ball to the bottom corner. Cut a short length of plastic tube (type used on windscreen washer systems) to approx 25mm. Using a means of heating the plastic tube (cigarette lighter) to just make it squidgey on the very ends this will make it easy to push the plastic tube over the tapered or ball ends. When the plastic tube cools it will grip the ball end adjuster.

Now it’s time to put the headlight back again putting a 6mm nut each side of the fitting on the headlight. Connect the wiring to power the headlight, turn the headlight to dipped beam, make adjustment so as to line up the beam to the same lines as you put on the wall or garage door. Without garage equipment this is as near as you can get for DIY headlight adjustment. My advice would be to have the alignment checked at your local frendly garage.

After adjustment is done refit the headlight surround. Job done, give yourself a pat on the back!

***Well done.****

All the best


Mike Chubb