Last updated 2nd March 2015  

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Talbot Express, Fiat Ducato, Citroën
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What are you doing with your campers?

Seems like all you guys have left all those little jobs to the last minute again - you may have had difficulty in contacting us since we don't have time to answer the phone because you are making us so busy!

Also I notice an increase in people ringing me for advice as to how to carry out certain repair jobs. It takes up a great deal of my time which I never mind giving, but it's getting to the stage where it's affecting our output thus delaying the manufacture of parts for you or posting out your orders.

Well thank you for taking the time to look through our website. I hope there are many things you find interesting or useful. We've been busy this season and it seems more than usual. The season for us normally tails off from September but due to the better weather it seems extended this year.

So ..... this is the time to for us to check over the Campers for winter use or storing during the winter months.

Just a short list of things to do:

1. in the domestic area of your Camper, remember to drain down your water heating system to protect the boiler so as the impending frosts won't ruin this device; and it's good practice to drain the cold water system too.

2. make sure the motor has sufficient anti-freeze strength to withstand the strongest frost (50%);

3. it's a good idea to remove both batteries, charging them slowly from time to time through the Winter months;

4. store the batteries on wood or carpet - never directly on a concrete floor;

5. if the Camper is being left outside, covering helps it stop going green with algae;

6. cover the wheels with ply up against them, or better still with thick black bin liners, to stop UV rays from perishing the rubber;

7. also remove the wiper blades to stop them sticking to the windows, and protect the glass from scratches from the wiper arms;

8. before disconnecting the batteries make sure to note the radio code and that you have the knowledge to re-programme the code back in when required.

9. And remove your gas cylinders!

To give us more time to deal with repairs as well as phone enquiries from our customers we created two new facilities:

FIRST we have added "Buy" buttons to each Part where applicable (we need full delivery information, so we ask you to fill out a form and either post it or email it).

SECOND we have created our - for want of better words - ‘Door of Knowledge’ - facility.

Basically it's a page on the website which will lead you to the most frequently asked subjects and repairs questions for this type of vehicle.

There a ‘Subscribe Button’ - much the same as when you click on a button to ‘Buy’ or ‘Add to Cart’ in other websites.

Subscribing will give you the right to read or download the information on how to carry out the repairs you need to at your leisure so you have clear instructions in front of you.

All these pages will be available to you FOR ONE MONTH at a time. Our introductory offer for the FIRST MONTH only will be a subscription of £1.00.

New repairs pages will be added as written up and you will have access whenever you want it. There will be a list of repairs pages on the Subscribe page.

You are most welcome to ring for free technical advice - I'm here to help and not to hinder! Have a look through the pages on this website and in the Subscribe Page and if you can't see what you need, e-mail or text me, or for that personal touch ..... phone me!

Thank you all for your continued support over the year!

Some of the most popular BRAND NEW PARTS coming through (limited stock only) - and parts WE HAVE TO MAKE ourselves to supply the demand for obsolete replacement camper van parts - are shown at the left and right. For example we make rear suspension support brackets and WINDOW WINDER CADDIES.

On this page is just a small sample of the ever-growing list of parts we offer! [Click] the Descriptions & Prices link at top-right to see the complete list or [Click] a specific image to go directly to that item on the Descriptions & Prices page.

Also please NOTE that there are many parts that fit the same or many van models: please [Click] Talbot Express, Ducato and Citroën C25 Vans specifications to make sure you obtain the correct parts.

Don't forget, our prices are PLUS p&p if you are not collecting them!

As usual please phone for any other parts required - we will do our utmost to find parts not listed on our pages.

Yours in Talbot parts!

Mike Chubb

* NOS = "new old stock"    OE = "original equipment"

Speedo Cable
Disc Brake - solid
Disc Brake - vented
Window Caddy
Door Mirror
Suspension Bush
Track Rod End

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