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IMPORTANT NEWS!     You can now buy your Parts online if you wish - go to New & Recycled parts.

Finally our "Door of Knowledge" has opened ..... Click the Link in the left-hand column to get there.

Thank you for your patience, and best regards, Mike Chubb.

Welcome to our website!

Thank you for your interest. We hope you find it useful and instructive - and that you find what you want! If you DON'T please call us and we'll guarantee that we can help.

Since 2005 when we first built the website we have had 2.7 million visitors to its pages. We have supplied hundreds of customers all over the UK and also from Canada to the Canary Islands, particularly with Camper van parts. People come to us for Camper van parts and technical advice because the suppliers for the older vehicles - and the knowledge they had - have left the market-place. We can proudly say that those people return to us for parts - and car, van and minibus rental - time and time again!

Choose the [New & Recycled Parts] button to see advice about looking after your camper, for technical details about the numerous differences between the vehicles and then choose the [Descriptions & Prices] button on that page to see images, descriptions, prices and p&p details of the more common parts which we supply or manufacture - both new and recycled ..... But please don't hesitate to enquire about something you require but haven't seen on the website YET - the list is ever-growing and frequently updated!

Choose the [Car Rental] or [Van Rental] buttons should you wish to take advantage of our very competitive rates, resting assured that you will be looked after in the manner you expect; visit the [Motor Sales] page to see the cars, vans and Camper vans which we often sell on behalf of our customers. Finally if you are interested in how we started up the business please visit [History and Foundation], which also discusses the decline in the parts market for the older vehicles.

Hope you enjoy the website and that we can help you.

PS. In the warm months you might want to visit us with any Camper van problems and make a weekend of it by staying over at the two local campsites we recommend to our customers. Have a look at their websites .....

Alpine Grove Touring Park

Hollybush Park

Track Rod End Talbot Wheeltrim Talbot Headlamp Starter Motor Rear Suspension Support Bracket Disc Brake - Solid Alternator

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