Fitting replacement window winder caddies

Only limited mechanical knowledge needed. Time required for repair/fitting is 90 minutes.

Tools required: Phillips screwdriver, flat screwdriver, hooking device about 125mm long (dental probe), scotchbrite pad, WD40, PU bond/Tiger seal/silo flex, 10mm open-ended spanner, 10mm deep reach socket and ratchet, duct tape may be required and a tie back cord.

Begin by opening the door, hold door open by means of the tie back cord, roll down window with the regulator handle about 100mm. Now remove window regulator handle by pushing the door card against the door. There is only a small amount of space to get at the small horseshoe-shaped clip - now remove it by using a hooking tool (dental probe) then the handle can be removed. That is the most difficult part of the job to do. Now remove arm rest with two Phillips screws, unclip the inner door release cover - always a good idea to warm up plastic as it makes it a lot more flexible. Next, remove all plastic studs around the door card.

A good tool for this job is a trim-removing tool; it's easy to make one by using an old spoon and simply putting a slot in it. With the door card removed you will see the WINDOW CADDY. Now remove the old fragments and clean the edge of the door glass with the scotchbrite pad, then you dry off the glass. Using a new caddy put a bead of P.U. bond in the caddy channel, push it up onto the glass and attach the two 6mm bolts to the regulator, finger tight only. Wipe any excess P.U. bond off with a wet finger. Temporarily put winder handle back on regulator and close window completely. Hold it in this position for 24 hours allowing P.U. bond to cure.

After 24 hours has past. wind window down about 100mm then tighten up the caddy to regulator bolts (using 10mm spanner or 10mm deep reach socket). Before refitting door card use some WD40 on the glass running channels - also it's good to grease the regulator cable and mechanism as it has most likely never seen any servicing since it left the factory many years ago. Now refit door card and put the armrest back on. Now put the circlip back on the winder handle, fitting it back in the best position for you. Now put all door card poppers back in plus the inner door release cover, remove door tie back cord, Then that is it your finished!

Mike Chubb, August 2010